Our Application

Castings & Machined Components for Valves Industries

Infinity Manufactures Casting For various control valves for Oil & Gas, Dairy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical industries which includes Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves.

Castings & Machined Products for Aerospace Industries

Infinity Manufactures castings and machined components for Commercial Aircraft Industries with highest quality standard and selected special alloys.

Castings & Machined Products for Automotive Industries

Infinity Manufactures various castings for automotive Industries like Valve Housing, Cam, Flap, Bracket, Body Housing, Lever Control Linkage, Turbo Charger Single & Double Volute & Support Castings.

Castings for Marine Industries

Infinity Manufactures Valve Castings for LNG Tanker, Cryogenic Application at sub Zero Application. Castings of NAB (Nickel Aluminium Bronze Castings), Brass Casting, Bronze Castings at highly corrosive applications.

Machined Products for Vacuum Industries

Infinity Manufactures Most of the components supplied to Vacuum semiconductor industry. Parts like KF Flanges, ISO Flanges, CF Flanges. Welded Fittings like Tees, Crosses, Elbow.

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